Wilfredo Esperon

Wilfredo Esperon

Boxing Coach

AAU/USA Boxing, Official, 1972-198S(Boxer/Judge/Referee)

Texas Department of Combative Sport, 1985- present (Judge/Referee) World Boxing Association, 2015-present (Judge)

International Boxing Federation, 2019-present (Judge/Referee)

American Dart League 1977-1987 US Bowling Congress, 1977-2000

American Pool Association 2011-present

US Armed Forces and US National Teammates:

Armed Forces: Gene Cooper (USAF and 1972 Olympic Coach), Juan Ruiz (National Champ), Roger Leonard, Jerome Bennett, Tommy Brooks, Nick Wells, Charles Mooney, Leon Spinks, Ricardo Carreras (72 Olympic. Bronze Medalist).

US National Teammates: Tommy Hearns, Ray Leonard, Michael Dokes, Greg Page, Clint Jackson and Micheal Spinks.


I come from a boxing family-father with three sons (all one year a part) and was the middle son. My first competition was with the NY Boys Club of America at the age of 8, I boxed 35 bouts and at 16 was the Silver Medalist in the 1972 NY Golden Gloves and Bronze in 1972 Spanish Gloves.

I Joined the Air Force in 1974 and in 1975 won a spot on the Lackland AFB, TX team, until1982. During that time I won the AF Championship from 1975-1981, in the Flyweight and Bantam Weight divisions. My achievements during that time were: in 1975, Flyweight lntraservice (US Armed Forces) Champion, World Military Silver medalist, and US National Bronze medalist and was also the Alternate on the 1975 Pan Am Team. In 1976, Flyweight lntraservice Champion, World Military Silver medalist in Lagos, Nigera and Olympic Box-off Qualifier. In 1977, Flyweight lntraservice Silver Medalist. Selected to five USInternational squads; Russian, Finland, Demark, Germany and Sweden. I did not compete in 1978 due to injury. In 1979, Bantam weight, lntraserviceChampion, world Military Bronze Medalist, West Texas Senior AAU Champion (San Antonio). In 1980, Bantam lntraservice

Silver Medalist, Olympic Box-off Qualifier (US boycotted). After winning the Air Force Championship, 1 was selected by the USA Boxing Organization to represent USA in the European Cup Competition whereI won the Sliver Medal in Stuttgart, Germany. My official records reflect 116 wins and 14 losses and represented the us ins International bouts. Worked, sparred and trained with local San Antonio Boxers like Robert Quiroga, Mike and Sammy Ayala, the Pastrans. Never went professional as a boxer.

About Coach

Originally from New York City, I enlisted in the Air Force (AF) Aug 1974 for nine years, then joined the AF Reserves (retired as a Master Sergeant with 23 years of service). After separating from active duty, I was employed by the AF as a Civil Servant at Kelly AFB, TX, and Retired after 40 years. I have been boxing for over 50 years with over 1200 bouts in which I participated as a Boxer, Officiated as an Amateur, Professional Judge, and Referee. Forty-six years of those in the state of Texas.

Turning Point

From 1985-2022, refereed and judged 42 Title fights, including Women's (IFBA), International Boxing Council, men and women's WBC Latino, and Judged both men and women's IBF Latino, one USBA, six WBO/NABF, 19 WBA Championship fights, and five WBC Continental Americas title fights and worked as both Referee or Judged in over 5250 bouts throughout the State ofTexas. I have been officiating professionally. I have attended twelve different training seminars and conventions, and a seven-year member of the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Federation and two for the International Boxing Federation. I am also an ABC-certified MMA Judge, 7/23/2014, and have judged MMA competitions.

Motivation & Passion

In 1981-1986, I officiated amateur boxing in San Antonio, TX, and in 1984 became Chief of Officials for the South West Texas Region. During that time, I supervised over 562 fights and conducted 15 Boxing Seminars, and administer certification tests to over 120 Judges, Referees, Coaches, and Trainers. I was also selected as an Official by the US Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, for the 1984 Western Region Trials, Olympic Qualifier.

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