Austin Henriksen

Austin Henriksen

Adult BJJ & NoGi Coach

2021 Miami Open Brown belt NoGi Super Heavyweight & Absolute champ 2nd place Brown belt GI.

Defeating #2 world ranked NoGi opponent twice in the process.

2019 Austin Winter Open Brown Belt GI and NoGi Super Heavyweight Champion

2018 World Masters 3rd place Brown Belt GI

Multiple time NAGA Gi & NoGi Brown belt Super Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion

No points scored by opponents in NoGi competition since 2019


4th degree Brown belt under Ricardo de la Riva black belt Daniel Silva

3rd degree Brown belt under Mario Sperry

About Coach

I started my martial arts journey at 15 years old studying Kuk Sool Won for 4 years and learned that this would be a lifelong passion. I began my grappling career 14 years ago studying BJJ and wrestling under Marcello Salazar Bergo in order to become a well-rounded fighter and try my luck at MMA accumulating 6 years of experience. I continued under his tutelage through purple belt and now have earned ranks at brown belt under legends like Mario Sperry.

Turning Point

I spent much of my early career not expecting the best from myself but as a purple belt, I came to the realization I could no longer accept just being a "good grappler" in my home academy. I needed to accomplish something more. I changed my entire lifestyle to focus on becoming a decorated competitor. I began lifting and eating right to ensure my longevity in the sport and changed weight classes from an out-of-shape heavyweight to a competitive super heavyweight. The shift has taken the time and a lot of mental work to develop the fighter mentality but has been rewarding in many ways beyond my own success. It has enabled me to become a highly effective coach and resource to my students and teammates who desire more from themselves on and off the mats. Every competition has given me invaluable life lessons with which to build myself and those around me.

Motivation & Passion

I'll start this with my favorite quote by Hemingway "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." This quote exemplifies my philosophy on life and martial arts and drives my expectations of myself and my students. There is nothing greater than to be in a position to help others be better tomorrow than they were yesterday.

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