Ivan Orozco

Ivan Orozco

Adult BJJ Coach

2016 TGC double gold

2017 NAGA gold

2018 NAGA silver


Brazilian Jui Jitsu brown belt under Carlos Catania

About Coach

Started jujitsu to get healthier, during my jujitsu journey it made me realize how much it helped with dealing with more difficult life problems. I want to help people the same way my coaches did.

Turning Point

We all go through life differently. However, we are all challenged in one way or another just the same. I have my moments when life hits me hard and my Dominion family has always been there to help me through. I worked hard to get where I am and I am stronger now because of those challenges and thanks to the care I received from my team over the years. I am here for my team just as they were for me. Diamonds are created under extreme heat and intense pressure.

Motivation & Passion

I love to teach I believe the best way to get better is to practice but practice perfectly coaching brings out the fine details of Jujitsu

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